Charles Inojie Criticizes Actresses Using Nollywood Industry to Conceal Questionable Income Sources

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Prominent Nollywood actor and comedian, Charles Inojie, has voiced his concerns about the presence of actresses who utilize the Nollywood platform to mask their questionable sources of income. Speaking on OAP Nedu’s podcast, ‘The Honest Bunch,’ Inojie expressed his belief that Nollywood is currently saturated with what he referred to as ‘daughters of Jezebel.’

Charles Inojie

According to the seasoned actor, these women use the film industry as a cover for their illicit means of generating money. He highlighted that a considerable number of self-proclaimed award-winning actresses lack notable movies in their portfolio and possess subpar acting skills. Inojie contended that many engage in compromising activities to afford opulent possessions, including expensive cars and mansions, all while posing as actors. He emphasized that their acting abilities are often inadequate, making them unlikely to pass auditions based on talent alone.

Inojie further asserted that the issue of exchanging sexual favors for prominent roles in the movie industry isn’t unidirectional, indicating that some actresses willingly offer themselves to directors and producers in exchange for roles. He stressed the prevalence of desperation among a segment of aspiring actresses, making them susceptible to falling into the pitfalls set by unscrupulous producers and directors who exploit their vulnerabilities.

Charles Inojie

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