Charlie Sheen’s PA Reveals Intimate Details about the Actor’s Life


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Charlie Sheen’s Personal Assistant, Steve Han, 34, recalls the emotional moment his boss told him about being HIV positive, saying, ‘I f***ed up’

Han ensured that Sheen took his three anti-viral pills each morning but they made the star nauseous.

Sheen also paid $1500 a day for a private chef but the meals would go untouched.

Han said ‘Yes there were porn stars, sometimes four at a time, but it wasn’t as if Charlie was having sex in front of his staff, he kept that private,’ says Han

Han bought dozens of tubes of Aquaphor healing ointment – normally used to treat dry skin – but Charlie used it as sex lube

The girls would be covered from head to toe in it – they’d be all sticky.

In an Exclusive interview with Daily Mail, Han who had been Sheen’s assistant for two-and-a-half years reveals his former employer’s torture as he tried to deal with the secret burden of carrying the virus, how he confided in only a handful of his ‘inner circle’ and how the star was bombarded by threats of lawsuits from girls desperate to cash in on his dark secret.

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