Charly Boy’s Recent Interview Unveils Unknown Side of the Veteran Artist

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Nigerian veteran singer and outspoken activist, Charly Boy, left the nation in awe with revelations about his unconventional past during an interview with Nedu Wazobia on The Honest Bunch.

In a riveting series of disclosures on Saturday, February 3, 2024, Charly Boy shared unexpected facets of his life, challenging societal norms and delving into his tumultuous journey.

Charly Boy

During the interview, Charly Boy surprised many by expressing genuine admiration for the gay community, marking a departure from the conventional narrative. He then delved into the twists and turns of his past, acknowledging his reputation as a “bad boy from birth” and revealing that he became a father at the tender age of sixteen, with his first child now 53 years old.

In another revelation that caught many off guard, Charly Boy admitted to involvement in bank scams during a time predating the notorious 419 scams.

The veteran singer also opened up about the emotional scars from his childhood, attributing many of his early struggles to the strict religious upbringing enforced by his father.

Charly Boy

Amidst the shocking revelations, Charly Boy recounted a peculiar encounter where he brought an attractive woman home, only to have her return from the bathroom as a fully grown man.

The interview with Nedu Wazobia on The Honest Bunch has now unveiled a side of Charly Boy that few had seen before.

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