Why God is not happy with Nigeria – Ebenezer Obey

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Chief Ebenezer Obey

Chief Ebenezer Fabiyi, who is popularly known as Ebenezer Obey, says God is not happy with any nation that sheds human blood and a lot of it has been done in Nigeria.

The octogenarian said this while comparing the condition of the nation at independence to now.

“Number one, the population wasn’t as large as it is today. And before the independence, the British (colonial) government organised things very well.

“There was nothing like corruption. In those days, teachers were very committed. Things were well organised. Policemen were well respected, and they weren’t carrying guns. You could only see them with their batons. There was Native Police Authority, which served as the community police that people are now clamouring for; and also the Nigeria Police Force.

“Nigeria was a peaceful country then. There was nothing like insurgency, kidnapping or abduction. Security of lives and properties was guaranteed, unlike nowadays.

“We have shed too much blood in this country. And God is not happy with any nation that sheds innocent blood. God is against shedding of blood,” Saturday Sun quoted him to have said.

The juju maestro said that to have peace in Nigeria, justice and fairness must be enthroned.

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“Something needs to be done to stop all these killings so that we can have peace. We need to sincerely love ourselves in this country. Let there be justice and fairness.

“Some people have been clamouring for secession and disintegration of Nigeria. They want Nigeria to break up. It is not good for Nigeria to breakup. But we must all agree to be fair to others, like the restructuring that Nigerians have been clamouring for. If we shun tribalism and nepotism, we would live as a united country and our nation will be saved.

“We need to retrace our steps and make sure that we do everything possible to love one another. It is not good for one section of the country to want to dominate the other sections. If one section continues to dominate others, a time will come when the others would disagree and say enough is enough. It is very simple. I

“f we love ourselves and do what we are supposed to do, we would achieve more, and get to where we are supposed to be on time.

“A lot of money meant for the development of the country has either been embezzled or misappropriated through corrupt practices. These are not the dreams of our founding fathers. Things were much better in those days than they are today.


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