China Wages War On Islam, Muslim Women In China ‘Forced To Share beds’ With Male Chinese Officials


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Several reports have suggested that Muslim women whose husbands have been detained in Chinese concentration camps are being forced to share beds with male government officials.

More than one million of these Han Chinese officials, who essentially act as spies, have been deployed to the homes of Uyghurs across Xinjiang province.

According to TMV, Chinese officials reportedly sleeps with Muslim women of the Uyghur community as part of surveillance visits which last up to a week.

According to UN experts and activists, China is holding over one million people, particularly Uyghur Muslims, in detention centers. However, China describes these camps as “re-education camps” aiming to “stamp out ‘extremism’

This latest revelation is not new and forms part of a wide scale systemic  persecution of Uyghur Muslims. Several human rights organisations and experts have raised concerns surrounding the Chinese government’s actions against the minority community.

This comes a year after the Chinese government was accused of destroying crosses, burning bibles, shutting churches and ordering adherents of the Christian faith to sign papers renouncing their faith.

China deploys more than a million spies ,  most of them male and part of the country’s Han ethnic majority , to stay in Uighur households every two months as part of what it calls the “Pair Up and Become Family” programme.

The Uyghur Muslims that are not detained and thrown into concentration camps and are instead faced with scrutiny from the security forces.

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Over the last two years, China has subjected the Muslims to high levels of  restrictions, including banning men from growing beards and women from wearing veils.








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