Chizzy Calls Out Princess For Claiming To Date A Billionaire Yet Participating in BBN All Stars Show

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In a recent episode of Glitch Africa’s “To Be Honest” podcast, Aniekwe Francis Chidi, also known as Chizzy, a prominent figure in the realm of Big Brother Naija, has raised doubts and skepticism regarding the claims made by Princess, a housemate from the All-Star edition who was evicted. Princess had boldly declared that her partner is a billionaire, thus influencing her decision to remain aloof from the dramatic intricacies of the Big Brother Naija house.

Chizzy and Princess

Princess, known for her entrepreneurial endeavors, cited her involvement with a billionaire as the reason behind her reluctance to engage in the usual rollercoaster of events within the Big Brother Naija household. Her statement attracted attention and stirred discussions, with many pondering the authenticity of her claims.

In response to Princess’s assertions, Chizzy has expressed his reservations. He articulated that an individual truly engaged in a relationship with a wealthy partner would presumably find no reason to partake in the reality program, specifically aimed at competing for the grand prize of N120 million.


Elaborating on his standpoint, Chizzy pointed out that if Princess’s declaration held any truth, it would be logical for her to decline the invitation extended by the show’s organizers to participate in the BBNaija All-Star edition. By his rationale, if she was indeed romantically linked with a billionaire, the financial incentive of the competition would pale in comparison to the opulent lifestyle associated with such a partnership.

The conversation unfolded during the podcast episode hosted by Glitch Africa, where Nedu Wazobi shared the co-hosting duties.

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