Chris Uba warns Brother, Stella Oduah and others to honourably step down

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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The last has not been heard about the controversial Supreme Court ruling which recognised the Ejike Oguebego faction of the Anambra Peoples Democratic Party on Friday a Chris Uba has asked his brother and other affected senators to stop deceiving Nigerians and honourably vacate their seats at the National Assembly.

Sen. Andy Uba’s brother, Chris, has also declared himself the rightful Senator representing Anambra South in the Senate.

It should be recalled that Chris Uba was replaced by his elder brother Andy Uba following a decision made by the Court of Appeal which set aside the decision of the lower court.

Chief Uba while speaking to newsmen in Abuja warned his brother, Senator Andy Uba, Ms. Stella Oduah and others to stop parading themselves as representatives of the people of Anambra state in the National Assembly. He continued that the decision of the Apex court on Friday which affirmed an earlier decision by the High Court recognising Oguebego’s executives as the authentic state leadership further advising advising affected former Senator to honourably step down.

Chief Chris Uba further added that “The time for substitution had passed and we were busy doing our campaigns when, one week to the election, the Andy Uba faction went to the Court of Appeal and set aside the judgement of the High Court.

“Based on that, they took the judgement to INEC and their names were used to substitute our own. We cried foul then, insisting we were not party to the suit but INEC insisted that our names were initially published based on an earlier court order and that we should go on appeal.

“We appealed to the Supreme Court and the verdict on Friday clearly vindicated our position as the Supreme Court set aside that judgement of the Court of Appeal, agreed with the judgement of the High Court and even granted all our five prayers.

“Now, they (Chris Uba and Oduah) went on air and issued press statements to deceive the public that the order from the Supreme Court did not affect them because they were not a party to the suit. The question is: when our names were removed by INEC and replaced with theirs, were we party to the suit?

“Now they are shouting and trying to misinterprete a clear judgment that has removed them and given us victory. They are just deceiving the public. We will demand for our certificates of return from INEC on Monday because the judgement is clear. We do not need to seek for any further clarifications.”

“When the whole exercise wanted to start, INEC wrote a letter to the PDP headquarters to avoid confusion, telling the PDP that the Ejike Oguebego exco was the one that it would recognise based on court order of a Federal High Court in Abuja.

“Unfortunately, the PDP ignored that letter and, instead, set up a two-man caretaker committee to come to Anambra State to conduct primaries. Of course, there was no room for that caretaker committee to operate in the state because the key to conducting the primaries is the 3-man delegates from the 326 wards in the state.

“It was obvious that without the state exco, the caretaker committee cannot be functional because the people who are supposed to organise the state congress were expected to liaise with the state chairman. From there, they would set up a committee to go to all the wards where the delegates would emerge from for electing candidates into the National and state assemblies.

“So when they set up this caretaker, the Ejike Oguebego exco went to court and got a judgement recognising it as the right exco therefore making null and void the caretaker committee.

“The judgment also instructed INEC and the PDP to conduct all the electioneering exercise under the Ejike Oguebego exco including all the candidates who were participating. So, we obeyed the court order and did our primaries as instructed. The exercise was duly monitored by INEC and all the relevant papers were signed.”

As concerning if the ruling might have favoured Andy Uba, Stella Oduah and others, He said it would amount to injustice if the court had ruled in their favour because they did not undergo any primaries nor visited Anambra, continuing that “They just sat in their houses in Abuja. INEC and the PDP got copies of the results of our primaries and even sent our names to INEC and that was why the list containing our names was published as candidates before they went through the backdoor to remove it,”

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