Christianity, Development: In Nigeria, Activism is a Failed Strategy – By Nneka Okumazie


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Activists and recruiters of activists often zero in on activism as everything. But the little national development across the country shows that the country is unresponsive to contiguous activism.

Usually, there is a bad policy proposal. People protest, government – maybe – backs down. Activists get encouraged. They forget that bad policy going through or not, the country isn’t measurably progressing.

There are too many same problems, the same way or close, from years back till present. Activists are – often – blinded by their little gains, the show, power, relevance or earnings that come with agitations, but in all, the country has not been a – very – great story.

Administrations came and went. Country remained the same. Protest for one minster to go, one official, or representative. Country remained the same. People thought something new somewhere would be the answer to the problem. It was brought in – the country basically remained the same.

It is surprising to have a country that everyone can easily identify its problems but majority abandons the society, enjoying the spectacle of its decadence and sometimes becoming victims of its risks.

How is it that there is so much disinterestedness for the country and its growth? How is it that anything public is – often – seen as an opportunity to plunder for individual or group gain, not for public good?

How can people live in darkness and there cannot be selfless volunteers to truthfully tell of the details of electricity supply at every stage, so that those who want progress can gather ideas around that reality?

How is it that everyone has an opinion on everything but the exact right ideas the country needs to valuably move forward in major areas are missing?

The country hurts people every day. There are some who did nothing wrong, but the disadvantages of the country ruined things for them. Because of this, some decide for wickedness, some for hate, some for evil, others for bitterness and some for a life of violence and uselessness.

Maybe because most things start and end with access to individual power, or say wealth, nothing else is worth it. But the country is at the edge, even if things seem normal.

Government will – maybe – not develop the country. Those crying to government should assess the last few decades. Knowledge gathering in sectors, tiny tests of great ideas, revisions and passionate implementation would be more valuable than any protest or activism for optics, or whatever reason.

Government is sometimes on break for some activists so they turn to Church. Any true Church of GOD must not get – overly – pressured or carried away by national or government matters. 

Church can use their schools for some great development ideas, fund or find partners for tests, recommendations and deploy for national usefulness.

The goal of the Church includes genuine salvation, healing, deliverance, faith, hope and worship.

All the heartlessness in some news stories shows the need for more messages of genuine repentance. 

Those who cannot have mercy on others, those who cannot be hopeful, those always negative, those despondent, the deceitful, the lustful, those with situations they can’t understand or find a way out, those addicted and attached to something, or anything they cannot get away from, need prayers.

Everyone needs prayers, or to watch and pray. The Church serves an important purpose in society. Many can disagree. Many can try to discredit, blame or shame the Church. But the Word of GOD is potent for mercy. The Word of GOD is also love.

[Revelation 3:19, As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.]

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