Church Refuses To Pay Back Tither Who Accidentally Gave N111k Instead Of N11k

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Daddy Freeze, the controversial on air personality (OAP) known for his opinion on tithes and offerings has shared via his Instagram page, how a church allegedly refused to return one hundred thousand naira to a tithe payer who only wanted to pay eleven thousand naira, but mistakenly paid one hundred and eleven thousand naira via P.O.S.

Freeze claimed that the church refused to refund the member who called their attention to the error asking for a refund of his balance. According to Freeze, the church told the tithe payer that the money was given to God.

He said: “The money loving deity the Pentecostals worship! Kenneth called me this morning rather distraught. He said that he paid 111,000 into his church account instead of 11,000 and the church has refused to refund him the balance saying the money was given to God!.”

Mr Kenneth went on to reveal the name of the church as Glory Arena, Benin City

Daddy freeze posted the call recording, he had with the tithe payer ‘Kenneth’  Below is an excerpt from the call:

“Somebody gave me money for a project, so i went to church, where they use POS, so i wanted to pay my tithe, i wanted to pay Eleven Thousand Naira (N11,000)but i mistakenly paid One Hundred and Eleven Thousand (N111,000), and when i realised the error, i went back to them to tell them somebody sent me the money, but they (Church) told me that it is not possible to return, that they have already given the money to GOd”

In the audio clip, the tithe payer could be heard saying that the money was given to him by someone who asked him to do a job for him.



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