CJN Swears In 11 New Supreme Court Justices

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The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, has officially inducted 11 new justices into the Supreme Court, emphasizing the importance of maintaining integrity and impartial judgement.

The swearing-in ceremony, which marks a significant expansion in the bench of the nation’s highest court, included Justices Jummai Hannatu Sankey, Chidiebere Nwaoma Uwa, Chioma Egondu Nwosu-Iheme, Haruna Simon Tsammani, and Moore Aseimo A. Adumein, among others.

In his address, Justice Ariwoola cautioned the newly appointed justices against allowing personal ambitions to compromise their judgement.

He stressed the necessity for them to sever ties with individuals of questionable character and rely on their conscience as a guide in their judicial duties.

Furthermore, the CJN prepared the new justices for the inevitable criticisms and challenges that come with their position as arbiters in the final court of the land.

He highlighted that litigants often have high and sometimes unrealistic expectations, leading to verbal assaults against justices who rule against them.

This momentous occasion underscores the judiciary’s commitment to upholding justice and integrity within the Nigerian legal system.

As these new justices begin their tenure, their contributions are anticipated to play a crucial role in shaping the jurisprudential landscape of Nigeria.

He said, “There is no way you can please human beings, especially litigants. The easiest way to fail in life is by trying to please everyone. The only deity you can fear is the Almighty God”, he said and added, “Once your judgement is in consonance with what God expects from you, and is also in accordance with the Constitution, you should consider yourself the happiest and freest person on earth.”

The CJN told the new Justices that, their elevation to the Supreme Court Bench is in recognition of their astuteness and evident passion for hard work, which is the hallmark of judicial excellence.

Justice Ariwoola said, that administering oath of office to the 11 new Justices was unprecedented in the annals of the Nigerian Supreme Court and recalled his speech last year, where he lamented that the inability of the Court to meet the statutory full compliment of 21 Justices had lingered on for too long and promised to break the jinx.

He told the new Justices that they were coming to join the Supreme Court Bench at a time when the rank had been grossly depleted to an all-time low of ten Justices for several reasons, mainly retirement and deaths.

He urged them to put in their best as seasoned judicial officers transiting from the Court of Appeal and had established remarkable acquitances with judicial oaths and roles guiding the conduct of judicial officers.

“Your moral uprightness, integrity and respect for the constitution and other extant laws in operation, must be unwavering and unassailable”, he said and urged the new Justices to see themselves as the representatives of God on earth, because “any judgement given at this level can only be upturned in heaven”.

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