Company that hires Runs Girls lands in sexual harassment suit


A New Jersey debt relief firm has been exposed to run its business like a frat house with several x-rates and raunchy activities to pass the day with.

According to a new lawsuit filed by the office’s human resources director who was fired after she tried to put a stop to it, the Seven owners and managers of American Funding Group, Corporate Bailout and related companies reward female staff who play along with their act and shenanigans with bonuses, cash rewards and access to corporate credit cards.

In the suit filed Thursday, the former employee claimed the Tinton Falls office was “so sexually aggressive, morally repulsive, and unlawfully hostile that it is rivaled only by the businesses portrayed in the films ‘Boiler Room’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’”

The ex-employee also shared a video footage of one of the raunchy scenes in the office showing the owner of the firm, Mark Mancino and manager Michael Hamill enjoying what was described as a regular call from female sales representative.

The top staff were heard shouting, “Wendy — get your t-ts in here.”

Once the lady was inside the office, Hamill and Mancino were seen taking turns “motorboating” her breasts.

The Middlesex County lawsuit further added in a footnote with the court describing the act as ‘lewd’ and “placing one’s face in the area between a woman’s breasts and blowing onto her skin while rapidly shaking one’s head, thereby creating a sound similar to that of an outboard boat motor.”

Hamil in the video was seen repeatedly commenting on the woman’s breast in such manner as: “Wendy, bring your t-ts back over here” and “Who hasn’t seen Wendy’s t-ts?.”

Mancino ha also been accused of hiring a 22-year-old woman he met at his gym to be paid the sum of $60,000 for a job which comes with “unlimited access” to the corporate credit card.

The woman was also offered other lavish gifts including a car and a $4,000 Gucci purse to wear provocative outfits in the office and, during meetings, intentionally bend over so Mancino could take a good look at her body.

The lawsuit further added: “Defendants shamelessly created a sexual harassment playground fueled by drugs and alcohol and swarming with hand-picked young women rewarded for dressing and behaving provocatively — all in order to indulge their misogyny and vulgar sexual perversions,” the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Matthew Luber, of McOmber & McOmber, told The Post.

“Defendants intentionally hire young ‘attractive’ female employees for the specific purpose of having quid pro quo sexual relationships.

“Older male managers obsessively pursue and engage in sexual relationships with younger female employees, and they use their money and power to coerce female employees into … sexually promiscuous conduct in the workplace.

See video attached below:

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