Controversy Erupts Over Pretty Mike’s Grand Entrance at Veekee James’ Wedding

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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The recent white wedding of Nigerian designer Veekee James and her husband Femi has stirred a social media storm, with a particular video of Pretty Mike’s extravagant entrance becoming a focal point of controversy.

Veekee James

In the viral video, Pretty Mike, a popular socialite, made a grand entrance into the wedding venue accompanied by a group of all-black human mannequins holding red umbrellas. This dramatic entrance has sparked heated discussions online, leading to criticisms directed at Veekee James for inviting Pretty Mike, especially given her previous videos showcasing her involvement in worship activities with City choir.

The presence of Pretty Mike at a Christian-themed wedding has raised eyebrows and garnered disapproval from social media users. Many expressed concerns about the seeming contradiction between Veekee James’ participation in worship activities and her association with individuals like Pretty Mike. Biblical references about being unequally yoked with unbelievers were cited by some, highlighting the perceived inconsistency.

The comments on social media platforms varied from amazement to disappointment, with users questioning the appropriateness of inviting such guests to a Christian-themed wedding. Others shifted their focus to the nature of Pretty Mike’s relationship with the all-black human mannequins, expressing curiosity about the symbolism and significance of his unusual entourage.

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