Cossy Orjiakor Speaks On Failed Relationship With German Fiance

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Nigerian actress, Cossy Orjiakor has spoken up about her failed relationship with her ex-fiance, Abel Jurgen.

Cossy Ojiakor‘s ex-fiancé had called off their engagement on the grounds of domestic violence. Abel alleged that he fought with her after she got drunk and started biting him leaving scars on his body.

Jurgen shared photos of the wounds he sustained after Cossy Orjiakor attacked him.

However, Cossy in a recent chat with Vanguard, insisted that her estranged fiance is being childish and craving for attention. She also said he was the one who started the fight.

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She told Vanguard, He is childish. And needed attention. We had issues. I told him to leave my house since Tuesday. I was surprised to see he posted that so we are truly over.”

When asked if she really bit her lover, Cossy said: “I really don’t know. We had a fight. I really don’t want to talk about this… I did not bite him. He is being very childish and enjoying his minutes of fame.

She wrote: Post and delete……6pm….His drunken moments….. each time he drinks my properties get damaged then I have to clean up after him. I wonder why he didn’t report this fight with another young man.

“Each time he drinks he breaks things. things….. but then he apologize and do frog jump to show me he is humble and I always forgive. He has anger issues and always feel intimidated by any rich guy/girl around me…. he has a small medical condition that makes him feel I may cheat on him with others…. while am contented with my German machine (a small toy I bought from Germany).

“I know he loves me but it’s a very toxic relationship. Ohh the bite mark on him here wasn’t from me …he bite the guy…my mistakes thou having alcohol at home 😩. Who want to see his frog jump videos. 😂🤣…

“And the truth if he come begging and do this cute frog jumps I may still forgive. I wonder why he had to post us online his fault thou”


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