Court confirms 7-year sentence on man who plots to hang woman

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Germany’s Top Criminal Court on Wednesday confirmed a seven-year sentence imposed on a sadist, who entered into a pact to hang a mentally ill woman with her consent.

The 57-year-old man made contact online with the woman, who is from Leipzig city in eastern Germany, later meeting her at Giessen station in the west of the country.

Police detained him before he could carry out his plans.

At the original trial, which ended at the beginning of 2017, evidence was heard that the man, described as a sadist, had pressured his victim to allow him to hang her.

According to the lower court, the man had wanted to live out a sexual fantasy, selecting his victim from an online forum where depressed people communicate.

In his car, police found ropes and cable ties for tying up and hanging his victim.

He was found guilty and sentenced on the charge of willingness to commit murder.

A charge of this nature usually involves the perpetrator communicating this willingness to a third party, but in this case, the victim herself was told.

In rejecting his appeal, the Federal Criminal Court, sitting in Karlsruhe, ruled that this aspect was irrelevant.

The case is unique in modern German jurisprudence. (dpa/NAN)

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