COVID-19: Chinese Firm Donates Materials to Nigerian Military

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A Chinese firm in Nigeria, Mutual Commitment Company Ltd, has donated medical face mask and hand gloves to Nigerian military as part of the effort to curb the ravaging coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The Chief of Defence Training and Operations, Maj.-Gen. Lucky Irabor, received the items on behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Gabriel Olonisakin on Monday at the Defence Headquarters.


The Chief of Defence Training and Operations, Maj.-Gen. Lucky Irabor, receiving medical items donated to Defence Headquarters by the Mutual Commitment Company Ltd from its Managing Director, Mr Liu Zhao Lung in Abuja on Monday, 30/3/2020.

While donating the items, the Managing Director of the company, Mr Liu Lung, said the donation was part of the company’s effort to assist Nigeria to defeat the scourge of COVID-19.

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Lung said that the company had spent many years in Nigeria, adding that whatever challenges that confront the country would also affect the company.

According to him, the success in fighting this coronavirus is a common success because the problem has no colour.

“We are in Nigeria and we must unite and work to counter this challenge.

“At the first outbreak of this world problem, our board instructed us immediately to procure 150,000 protective materials including face mask, hand gloves, glasses, protecting seals and other materials for donation to Nigeria.

“Luckily, the first 50,000 has arrived and so among the immediate donation we arranged part of them for defence. We are glad to be here to hand over the materials to our brothers.

“I wish we should unite to ensure that Nigeria wins this coronavirus war and I sincerely believe that what China has achieved in the past two months in this war will be achieved in Nigeria.

“I sincerely believe that Nigeria is a country that whenever it is seriously working on something it will achieve it and Nigeria has shown this in the past,” he said.

Responding, the Chief of Defence Staff commended the firm for its commitment to supporting Nigeria in the fight against COVID-19.

He congratulated the Chinese government for the way it had been able to substantially suppress the scourge of coronavirus.

Olonisakin added that the entire world needed to learn from China on how best to bring the challenge to a halt.

“The challenges of COVID-19 is just temporal and as ravaging as it is, I believe that with the support we are receiving from as well as other stakeholders, we will be able to contain this challenges.

“We will bounce back and for us to be able to live up to our optimum, we should be able to engage in various activities that will strengthen the defence and security of our great country.

“Once again let me thank you for this wonderful equipment that you have donated to us. I believe that the equipment that you have given to us will significantly boost our effort and that is why we are glad,” he said.

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