COVID-19: Cured cases surpasses new confirmed cases – Embassy

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The People’s Republic of China Embassy in Nigeria says 2 out of 13 provinces on Chinese mainland are not seeing new cases of confirmed COVID-19.

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According to a newsletter on “Fighting 2019-nCoV” by the Embassy in Abuja, as of 24:00 on Feb. 19, the National Health Commission received 74,576 reports of confirmed cases on the mainland.

“These include 2,118 deaths and 16,155 patients cured and discharged from hospital; there still remained 4,922 suspected cases.

“So far, 126,363 are now under medical observation, who have been identified as having had close contact with infected patients.

“The number of confirmed infections in the China’s Hong Kong 65-including 2-death, 5-cured and Macao 10 – including 6 cured.

“Special administrative regions and Taiwan province 24 – including 1 death, 2 cured, had risen to 99 in total.”

It stated that unlike acute diseases, virus quickly kills the host; the COVID-19 is very likely to co-exist with humans like the flu.

It quoted President Xi Jinping to have called for priority to be given towards protection and care of medical workers, saying they are pillars of fights against the disease outbreak.

It noted that 29 foreign citizens in China had been infected and 18 that recovered were discharged from hospital, adding that two were dead and nine under quarantine and treatment.

It revealed Chinese tech firms had brought newest medical products and services to aid fights against the novel coronavirus epidemic and that internet firms recorded growth within the period.

It mentioned that the 35th Chinese medical team in Sudan conducted training lecture on the prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus in a hospital in Khartoum.

It, however, said the epidemic was kept in check nationwide except for Hebei province and those growth rates of confirmed infections, suspected cases and patients under medical observation showed steady decline.

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