COVID-19 vaccine tweet: Nicki Minaj shares evidence of media threatening family, friends

John Ogunsemore
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Rapper Nicki Minaj has accused the media of troubling her family and friends after she threatened never to go back to Twitter over the platform’s censorship of COVID-19 vaccine doubters.

She made this known via Instastory on Friday.

The Your Love star also shared screenshots of menacing messages a Guardian reporter sent to one of her friends.

The screenshot purportedly showed the reporter threatening to leak the location of Nicki’s friend and his girlfriend to CNN, who would then make it public, in an apparent bid to coerce him to talk about a claim she recently made about the vaccine.

She disclosed that her family members in Trinidad were also being similarly threatened.

See screenshots…

Nicki Minaj

Recall that Nicki had refused to attend the popular Met Gala on Tuesday because she was not vaccinated.

A day before, she had tweeted that a friend of her friends in Trinidad experienced testicular swelling after he took the COVID-19 vaccine.

This claim has been debunked by the Minister of Health in Trinidad and Tobago as well as Dr Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden.

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