CRPC Chairman Calls on the FG to properly fund the ICT Sector

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Computers Registration Professionals Council of Nigeria has called on the Federal Government to properly fund the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector to enhance job creation.

Mr Tunde Ezichi, President and Chairman of the Council, made the call on Wednesday in Abuja in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He said ICT could greatly facilitate the production of jobs and urged government to finance it properly to harness its full potential.

“There is no aspect of human endeavor which would not require information technology and applying it correctly is remain the key.

“So, government must actually help to facilitate the introduction and utilization of information technology in virtually every aspect of its operations.

“That means having access to information technology right from the primary school level through all the different tiers of education; that, in its self, will create entrepreneurs.

“This will enable people to learn and employ different ways of working,” he said.

He noted that the fewer the number of human interference in the operation of things, the more automated they get and the easier it would be to fight corruption.

”When you have human intervention, most times, a lot of other skill behaviors come into play; so it is imperative that government harnesses technology properly to avoid disaster.”

According to Ezichi, who is also a past President of the Computer Society of Nigeria, the ICT sector is very dynamic, thus the need for the younger ones to be trained to do things differently and faster which is good for development.

”Government and all stakeholders must harness the enormous potential of the ICT to fast-track national development.” (NAN)

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