Cynthia Morgan Describes Her Life as a “Blessing Rather Than a Curse”

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Nigerian reggae/dancehall artist, Cynthia Morgan, known as Truly Madrina on Instagram, has shared her perspective on her tumultuous journey, describing it as “a blessing rather than a curse.” In a recent statement, she cautioned against treating prophecies with contempt and urged people to embrace spirituality.

This comes on the heels of Morgan’s criticism of the Okoye brothers—Peter and Paul of Psquare and their elder brother, Jude Okoye. She accused them of spreading misinformation about her.

Cynthia Morgan

Recounting her spiritual experience, Morgan revealed that in 2010, she had a prophetic dream warning her not to sign with a woman in a court robe who would approach her for a record deal. Years later, this dream manifested when her own mother, unknowingly the woman from the dream, signed her to a label with meager funds.

Morgan detailed, “She ended up signing me with less than a thousand dollars in her bank account. But when she couldn’t continue due to lack of funds, Jude Okoye opted to sign me to his label instead of steadily lending her money to fund my projects.

However, she alleged that Jude Okoye played a detrimental role in her career, leading to significant losses. Morgan urged others to learn from her experiences and emphasized the importance of not dismissing spiritual guidance.

Cynthia Morgan

Addressing her clash with the Okoye brothers, Morgan denied issuing an apology letter in 2020, as claimed. She accused them of not telling the truth and warned of her intention to address the situation publicly. Morgan expressed the emotional toll she endured during that period, including being temporarily barred from her Instagram account and contemplating suicide.

Despite the challenges, Morgan remains resilient and determined not to allow adversaries to inflict further distress upon her and her mother. The artist, known for hits like “Don’t Break My Heart” and “Lead Me On,” rose to fame but faced setbacks after parting ways with her former record label boss, Jude Okoye.

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