Daily Devotion: Dominion Over All

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TEXT: LUKE 9:1-9.
🔑KEY VERSE “Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick” (LUKE 9:1,2).

A traffic officer raised up her left hand to stop a coming heavily loaded articulated lorry. Herein is demonstrated the interplay of power and authority. The power to halt the lorry is not dependent on her gender, size, tribe, but by the authority she possesses.

Jesus Christ called together His twelve disciples and gave them power (ability to act on His behalf) and authority (the lawful right to act on His behalf). Their mission was to give spiritual lights to the people (preach the kingdom of God) and comfort (to heal the sick) thereby relieving those that are spiritually and physically disabled and tortured by the devil. Jesus gave them complete instruction as regards their expected behaviour on the field.

They were to have a full mastery of self, not going from house to house to crave for better care or collect money and favour because of the gift of God and mercy of God they were to dispense. Herod saw the multiplication of the kingdom’s work and was perplexed. He thought that the truth was banished by the beheading of John but now the fire of the gospel was spreading to the cities and villages.

Every disciple today is called to be a witness of Jesus Christ. The prominent feature of their equipment for the works, power, authority and the willingness to give up everything superfluous to reach out to the lost is as important today as ever. The sphere of the work in reaching out to the lost in our neighborhood and bringing hope to the hopeless and vision of heaven is a call that every believer must heed promptly and with thoroughness. We are to “Occupy till [He comes].”

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Love not the fleece but the flock.


MEDITATION Preaching to the lost, A MUST!

1. The 12 were born again, yet power and authority over all demons and sicknesses was not automatic v1. You must ask for it.
Lord, I know I am born again. Give me power over all demons, powers of darkness and all the works of the devils 🙏
2. Note that the power and authority given them was against and over all demons and their activities with no exceptions. This is the will of God for all believers v1.
Lord, let your power descend at the retreat to destroy all the powers and works of Satan in the life of all participants🙏
3. Gifts of the Spirit, and in particular healing, are inseparable from preaching to the lost. “These signs shall follow those who believe” and are on the move to the lost v2,6.
Lord, I am willing and ready to reach the lost. Give me compassion and power to bring souls to conviction and repentance🙏
I pray for conviction of sins and repentance to be given to all sinners and backsliders coming for the retreat🙏
3. Spiritual harvesters will never lack the basic necessity of life v3.
4. Supporters of soul winners will never lack divine support and provision v4.
5. Soul winners should be content with what is provided; no need to be running from house to house seeking or begging for provision because of worry or fear of insufficiency v4. God is always faithful to provide.
Ask for supernatural unending and surplus provisions for our missionaries
6. There is no peace for the wicked vv7-9.
7. Some desire to see Jesus and be entertained by His miracles, others out of mere curiosity, while others want to experience His touch v9.
Q Do you desire to see Jesus at the retreat? What is your motive for seeing Him?


1. Go and tell the story to thy friends to-day,
How the Lord of glory met thee on thy way;
How He cleansed thy spirit from the stain of sin,
Driving out the foe who reigned thy heart within.

Go and tell the story, tell it far and wide,
How the Lord of glory for the sinner died;
And the soul that hears it, and in faith believes,
Straightway he the cleansing from the Lord receives.

2. Go and tell the story, of His pow’r to save,
Of the sinful “Legion” sunk beneath the wave;
Tell of His compassion, of His love so true,
Of the wondrous things the Lord hath done for you.

3. Go and tell the story, how He reigns above,
Winning men to glory thro’ His dying love;
How He waits to crown them kings forevermore,
In the home awaiting, on the other shore. [Chorus]

Source: Deeper Life Bible Church 

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