Dammy Krane Alleges Davido’s Involvement in Friend’s Death, Claims Money Covers Up ‘Evil Deeds’

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Singer Dammy Krane has ignited controversy with explosive allegations against fellow musician Davido, accusing him of contributing to the tragic death of their mutual friend, Tagbo Umeike, on October 3, 2017. In a startling video message shared on his Instagram account, Dammy Krane asserted that Davido’s actions on that fateful night led to Tagbo’s demise, alleging negligence and abandonment as key factors.

According to Dammy Krane’s claims, Davido purportedly encouraged Tagbo to consume an excessive amount of alcohol, specifically instructing him to down 40 shots of Tequila on his 40th birthday celebration. Furthermore, Dammy Krane accused Davido of callously leaving Tagbo in his car to succumb to the effects of intoxication, without displaying any remorse for his actions.

In his impassioned message, Dammy Krane lambasted Davido for allegedly using his wealth and influence to shield himself from accountability, describing it as a cover-up for “evil deeds.” He declared, “Davido is using money to cover up all his evil deeds.”

The explosive allegations have yet to be addressed by Davido, who has remained silent in the wake of the accusations.

It’s worth noting that an autopsy conducted following Tagbo’s untimely death revealed the presence of alcohol and drugs in his system, indicating a substantial role in his passing. The findings suggested that Tagbo’s intoxication contributed to his demise, leading to early stages of hypothermia and eventual death.

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