Dangote Recounts 12-years Ordeal In Nigeria Correctional Service Centre

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Dangote Recounts 12 Years Ordeal In Nigeria Correctional Service Centre

A 42-year-old man, Daniel Joseph popularly known as Dangote who was imprisoned for 12 years has recounted his ordeal while in prison.

The ex-convict, Dangote, who recently served out his 12 years of prison sentence, stated that he trained 40 inmates in the prison yard at the Nigeria Correctional Service Centre, while serving.

He stated that he had no regrets because he made the most of his prison time and was also empowered with a washing machine to continue his laundry services.

Joseph, who hails from Benue State, noted that it was his friend who deceived him and lured him into purchasing a stolen vehicle, which led to his arrest and conviction.

He however stated that he was grateful that his family did not abandon him throughout his time in prison, noting that he has learned his lessons and will be careful henceforth with those he does business with.

“I bought a vehicle, and it was said to be a stolen vehicle.

“After the trials for three years in Imo High Court 8 and 9, it was said that I committed the offence, and they gave me 14 years imprisonment. I was convicted on the 29th of September 2014, and I was released on the 29th of January, 2024. Before this time, when I was a free man, I lived a luxurious lifestyle. That was what led that friend of mine to involve me in this kind of mess,” he stated.

He, however, expressed excitement about his new position as the General Provost of this Owerri Correctional Centre, adding that he has a partnership with the correctional centre.

“All the inmates, 1,259 of them and staff, know me, and I carry everybody along, Eke C. Eke, the officer in charge, is my daddy, and we are happy with him.

“Even when I was here, 30 to 40 inmates were trained by me,” he added.

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