How Dare We Piss on Our Nigerian Athletes?

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Fact: The Olympics is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the world. Every country sends their best athletes to represent them.

In Atlanta 1996, Nigeria won the football event with a remarkable display of grit and commitment. That event remains in history and serves as a shining example of what Nigerians can do when given the right support. In addition, Mary Onyali (women’s 200 metres), Chioma Ajunwa(women’s long jump) and Duncan Dokiwari(Boxing) all made the country proud.

These victories prompted the world to look at Nigeria with a different light.




Well, because Nigeria displayed excellent Olympian features. They defied the odds and beat some of the best in boxing, football, and running.

Further down the line, one would have thought Nigerians would improve but we’ve inexplicably reinstated our mediocre features right before the games started. First, was our embarrassing entry into Rio 2016. There was no preparation of any kind and Nigeria was the only country that came into the event with tracksuits.

It’s hardly surprising to witness our athletes seeking refuge in other nations. Odiong, Issa and Jamal, just to mention those three, now represent Bahrain in the Olympics. On asking them about their decisions to move, they were too pained to tell their experience in dealing with Nigeria; their faces told sad tales.

A young Nigerian athlete watching would now think there’s no hope for him/her in representing Nigeria. He/she would see first hand that Nigeria kills stars.

We all the got the message: Nigerian leaders care about the self. How can we explain the stranded athletes in foreign countries? How do we expect them to win anything? Did you notice that Nigerian athletes have taken to begging for funds to represent our country? We should be ashamed of ourselves.

The authorities said they would refund the athletes for their expenses. You and I know that that is a lie.

I wouldn’t be surprised when Nigeria emerges victorious from any sports and this group of senseless leaders would start praising the team they never supported.

In 2016, Nigeria is moving backwards. No development in any category. Education, sports, and infrastructures are where they have been.

The only way to stop all this serial senselessness is to point out the crass misconduct of our leaders every day. We must scream on top of our voice until there’s a shift in action. The outrage must be heard.

Let me be frank: neither of these backstabbing little leaders deserves to watch Nigeria in any sports. They should bury their heads in shame. They are men and women who’ve disgraced our sport and shamed our country.

Instead, their reward for failure is the continued padding of the budget thereby fattening their pockets.

The whole team Nigeria should have moved to another country where they would be taken seriously. How dare we urinate on our athletes?

But I’m utterly disgusted by the attitude of the individuals responsible for the athletes’ woes. They should be sacked immediately and made to apologise publicly to Nigerians for their ineptitude.

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