‘Deceased’ Girl Buried 2 Years Ago Returns Home

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Shock and awe were the main reactions in the Masala township in Ndola, Zambia after a girl believed to have been dead for 2 years, walked back home.


The girl identified as Winnie Lufunja was said to have died 2 years prior due to an illness and she was buried.

She was 17 at the time reports the Zambia Daily Mail. 


According to Winnie’s parents, her body was even viewed in an open casket and there was a church service and funeral and all before she was buried.


The girl had been buried three days after her demise on November 12, 2016.


The parents shocked by this incident even revealed the grave number (73) and apparently, her bones are still in the grave. This was confirmed after her body was exhumed on Monday.


Her ‘bones’, a blue blanket, bottle and other items that her mother identified were found in her grave.


The parents have also submitted the death certificate and birth certificate to the police to help establish the truth.

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There has been no story from Winnie herself as to what really happened and the girl along with her parents are at the police station as they wait for a DNA to further prove/disprove the case.

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