Deceased Former Deputy Gov. Daughter’s Ghost Led Police to Killer- Report

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The body of the daughter of a former deputy Governor of Ondo state, Khadijat Oluboyo, was found in her boyfriend’s room a few days ago.

The general conclusion was that she was killed and used for rituals

It has now been alleged that it was the daughter’s ghost that led to the boyfriend’s arrest and also led to the discovery of her grave in her boyfriend’s room.

The incident happened on Sunday, the 8th of July, 2018 at the Oke-Aro extension, Akure, Ondo state.

According to the Vanguard, a neighbor reported that the ghost of the deceased, appeared and gave directions to the location of her murder and was instrumental in bringing her murderer to justice.

The boyfriend’s name was given as Adeyemi Alao and according to the report on the Vanguard, the ghost of the deceased appeared before Mutiu who’s the younger brother of the suspect.

The ghost then allegedly led the younger brother to where the suspect was trying to hide the body.

The neighbor said: ”it was when the ghost appeared to Mutiu that he went to his brother’s room and discovered that he was trying to evacuate the decomposing body from his room”.

Khadijat was a final year student of the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko before her unfortunate death.


Following the discovery of the body, the suspect’s father, Adekunle Alao, was initially arrested as a suspect but was let go after being vouched for by Mr. Oluboyo

The Vanguard also reported that many of the tenants and people around the area fled the scene in fear that they would be arrested by the police.

The former Deputy Governor asked that the police wrap up the investigation in a timely manner and ensure that the perpetrators of the heinous act are brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes.


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