Deji Adeyanju comes after Hush Puppi

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A politician and activist, Deji Adeyanju has engaged in a war of words with Malaysia-based businessman, Hushpuppi.

In the Twitter war, Adeyanju called on the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to look into the source of wealth of Hushpuppi, who is known for flashing his luxurious lifestyle on social media.

However, Hushpuppi rained curses on anyone urging EFCC to investigate him, saying such people would be struck by a Yoruba deity called Ogun. 

But Adeyanju, who labelled Hushpuppi an internet fraudster, said Ogun only kills those who deceitfully collect money from others.

He also challenged Hushpuppi to a debate in front of EFCC office.

See his tweets below:

Hushpuppi said he would soon denounce his citizenship as a Nigerian.


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