Demanding Buhari’s resignation, impeachment not harsh – Igbo group


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President of Igboekulie, a pan-Igbo socio-cultural group, Prince Ben Onuora, says demanding President Muhammadu Buhari’s resignation or impeachment in light of current realities in the country is not a harsh move.

The renowned lawyer stated this in an interview with Sunday Sun.

He was reacting to calls made by some individuals and organisations for President Buhari to resign or be impeached due to insecurity, food inflation, high rate of unemployment, among others.

Stating that the president was unlikely to resign, Onuora noted that he has committed many impeachable offences by virtue of Section 143 of the 1999 Constitution.

This he said included acts of gross misconduct.

“It is not harsh to call for the resignation or impeachment of the president. Let’s forget about resignation. A man who routinely goes to the hospital with his full presidential powers is unlikely to resign!

“I am convinced PMB has committed many impeachable offences as contemplated by Section 143 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution.

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“Even PMB’s most ardent supporters will readily concede that he has repeatedly committed acts of gross misconduct and breached the constitution.

“In 2018, he withdrew US$496,000 for the purchase of Super Tucano fighter jets without due appropriation by the National Assembly (NASS).

“He routinely ignores the Federal Character constitutional provision with his customary lopsided appointments.

“He has failed woefully to secure Nigeria, contrary to Section 14(2)(c) which makes security and welfare of Nigerians the primary purpose of government.

“Through a number of failed policies, the unemployment rate is now at 33.3 per cent while inflation and poverty are so high that Nigeria is the infamous poverty capital of the world.

“Despite these breaches, the political reality is that PMB may not be impeached because the present NASS is clearly an appendage, if not a puppet, of the Executive, the process of impeachment itself is rigorous and quite cumbersome, PMB’s APC has a majority in both Houses and with corruption cases hanging on the head of some NASS members, voting for impeachment could lead to a resuscitation of the forgotten cases in retaliation.

“So, a more realistic option is for Nigerians to use their PVC cards wisely in 2023.”


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