Democracy Day Lies: Twitter Reacts to Oby Ezekwesili’s Criticism Of Buhari

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A former minister for education and staunch social critic, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, took to her Twitter to criticize the democracy day speech made by President Buhari, questioning whether there was who could fact check and make sure the President wasn’t lying.

The Democracy day speech made by the President has been generally met with criticism from all sides as many feel that the President was less than truthful about some of the facts laid out in the speech.

Ezekwesili said on Twitter, Was it that no one in .@AsoRock could do a before the Sign Off on @NGRPresident @MBuhari ‘s Speech? Kai. It diminishes the office of the President to make factually incorrect claims. There are limits to Propaganda.
Next time, get an intern to check.

Naturally with every opinion that is shared on the internet there were those who were in support of the tweet and those who felt that Ezekwesili was being a wailer.

James Okene said: What do you expect from people that claimed you performed badly while Keyamo did very well during the last TV show.

Someone else accused her of only being able to rant on Twitter; You couldn’t dispute the facts yesterday when @fkeyamo was stating them yesterday. Its only on twitter that you can rant.

Olawale Sikiru also did not agree with her: You are making comments on abstract allegations . What are the items to factcheck before response could have been made?

Gwakaa Orngu said: You may not agree with the president and his policies,which is normal. I have issues with PMB too. But lunching personal attacks on the president makes it abnormal. It even diminishes your hard earned personality. Except there is something else that requires the third eye to see.

Tony Akabuno, however, was in her corner; President @MBuhari can deliver such laughable and absurd falsehood called a speech, because we have a political authority that LACKS HUMILITY & INTEGRITY

A regime that has lost shame & character, cannot be salvaged. It is simply GAME OVER for this DECADENT political class.


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