DJ Khaled Opens Up On His Relationship With Birdman On ‘The Breakfast Club’

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DJ Khaled is a big man with a big heart or so it seems as the We The Best Music Group boss shed more light on the story behind Rick Ross’ Birdman diss song, “Idols Become Rivals.”

In an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Khaled commends Rozay for giving him a shout out on his Birdman diss, calling the Maybach Music head a “true friend” while describing he and Ross as people who came from “the mud to marble floors.”

He then goes on to contextualize the meaning behind Ross’ lyrics referencing himself on the track. “He was basically expressing ‘Khaled’s a hard worker, he a good person, he a grateful person, and everybody he’s ever dealt with, he’s always been good and he never complain,”

Khaled explains. “Ross is basically saying, ‘Khaled, he don’t complain. He keep it moving.’ I think y’all know me as a person. Y’all never heard me come and talk about people and stuff like that. He’s basically saying, ‘Yo, Khaled, You blessed. Keep winning. Don’t stop.’”

Khaled said when asked how he felt the first time he heard Ross’ track. “That’s family. Me and him come from the bottom, the mud to marble floors.”

“When he shouted me out on that record, that’s what you call a real friend, family…loves me and I love him back. Me and him are, like, forever. Music or no music. It’s Khaled and Ross forever, meaning that’s my brother. I appreciate the love and shout-out.”

Asked specifically about Birdman, Khaled took the spoke highly of him. “Birdman, that’s my friend,”

He said. “I wanna be clear. As far as anybody that has a situation, I pray and I hope that people can talk to each other and work things out. Birdman, all that is is, you know, at one point I just moved on with We the Best.”

“I got nothing but love for Birdman. They gave me an opportunity. I appreciate every opportunity that’s ever given to me. It doesn’t matter what happens to the opportunity, it’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity and I’m grateful for that.”

The “opportunity” Khaled’s likely referring to is the time he spent on Cash Money Records, a label he was signed to for a few years before leaving a couple years back.

While the details of his split were never really revealed, some theorized Birdman had some how cheated Khaled in his deal.

However, Khaled also praised Birdman and Cash Money’s legacy, telling the Breakfast Club team he hoped that “all that stuff” would be solved one day. “I don’t discuss business,” he said. “But at the end of the day, me and them are good.”

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