DJ Khaled & Rick Ross Compete In The First Ever Cork Popping Championship

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Luc Belaire, a French bubbly brand, today launched a hilarious video of music moguls DJ Khaled & Rick Ross going head to head in the first ever Belaire Cork Popping Championship (Belaire Bowl).

They’ve competed all season off camera, and it all comes down to the final competition. The two stars, fondly known as the ‘Black Bottle Boss’ and ‘The Luxe Don’ (after Belaire’s signature black bottle, and newest release Belaire Luxe), are fierce competitors, with everything to lose! Love and Hip Hop’s Miss Nikki Baby even makes an appearance to announce the bowl’s winner at the video’s conclusion.


There may be a big game on Sunday, but the Belaire Bowl is happening now!


Watch the full championship on YouTube at the following below.



Belaire cork popping championships aren’t just for superstars like Ross and Khaled! Fans should keep an eye on Instagram @OfficialBelaire on Friday for their chance to win what they need for their own Belaire Bowl.


For more information on Luc Belaire, please visit or @OfficialBelaire on social media.

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