Doctors Fight Dirty While Operating On Pregnant Woman

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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Two doctors have abandoned their sacred vow to save lives in order to trash an argument as a viral video which surfaced online showed both doctors engaging in a fist cuff amid a birthing process.

The doctors, Indians, were seen in the video standing over the pregnant patient while they argued out their different points.

The doctors who have now been temporarily relieved of their duties were traced to have been from the Umaid hospital in north Rajasthan.

Following the circulation of the video footage online, an official of the hospital confirmed that the incident indeed happened in the hospital.

A senior hospital official in reaction to the viral video told BBC that contrary to reports in the media, the baby was born fine and alive.

The video, although unclear, showed both doctors arguing over whether the patient ate before the procedure or not.

Dr Ranjana Desai, the superintendent of Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur, told BBC: “By the time I saw the video and conducted an internal inquiry, the media had already reported that this baby had died.”

He added: “A baby did die, but not the one the media reported. A few feet away, on another operating table within the same room, a different woman gave birth to a stillborn baby. These two incidents are not linked.”

Dr. Desai identified the two doctors to be one Dr Ashok Nanival and Dr Mathura Lal Tak, the hospital superintendent further noted that both doctors caught on tape hurling insults at one another were not formally suspended adding that they have been punished by relieving them of their duties pending the result of the panel of internal inquiry.

The hospital management has also been reported to have initiated a probe into the person behind the video.

Watch video below:

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