“Don’t Let Me Die Here” – Nigerian Lady Trapped In Oman (Video)

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Mariam Birami

A Nigerian lady, Mariam Birami, trapped in Oman has appealed to the Federal Government for help getting out of the country.

The victim made the appeal in an emotional video making the rounds on social media.

Birami explained that she was deceived by her agent who took her into the country and has since abandoned her.

She further stated that she had worked for her boss, whom she did not name, for 10 months without payment.

Instead, she disclosed, the boss is demanding 600 Omani rial (app. N563,288.43) in exchange for her freedom.

Also, she said the boss locked her in a room, from where she made the video, to prevent her escape.

Birami said, “Please Nigeria, help me out. I am trapped here. Please help me. I was deceived by my agent and now she has blocked me.

“Please help me; I really need your help. I am in Oman.

“I worked for 10 months and my boss refused to leave me. He asked me to pay 600 rial which I don’t have.

“Please all Nigerians should help me. I need you help. Don’t let me die I here. I was locked up in a room.

“Please help me. I need your help. Contact: ‘Say No To Slavery’ on Instagram to be able to reach me. Please help me.”

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