‘Don’t put your family in a small car’ – Boston man advises after wife, child narrowly survive ghastly accident

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A Boston, Massachusetts-based entrepreneur, Barrett O’Neill, has advised against buying a small car for the family after his wife and child survived a horrific auto crash in a large Jeep Wagoneer.

In a message shared on X, formerly known as Twitter on Friday, O’Neill wrote:

Ignore this at your own risk.

Do not put your family in a small car.

Yesterday, my wife was driving my son to school and an oncoming delivery truck crossed the center lane and hit her head on — the driver had a seizure was going 40 mph.

I was on my way to work in a separate car and got an emergency notification from Apple the car was in an accident and it had automatically called police (great feature Apple).

I called my wife — no answer.

I felt sheer dread and sick to my stomach. I immediately turned around and headed towards the location Apple sent.

The police were blocking the entire street — not a good sign.

I eventually got up there and found my wife and son who were okay, considering. My wife has a broken wrist and is shaken up but otherwise okay.

The officer told me if she were driving a smaller car it would’ve been fatal — we bought this Wagoneer a month ago…

I am so thankful they are okay (and the other driver is too) and that we chose to buy a large vehicle.

Please do not put your loved ones into a small car. In an accident the size and weight make all the difference.

Instead of the worst day of our lives, we’re celebrating my son’s 2nd birthday today with chocolate cake.

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