Drama Of The Return Of Buhari’s Son By Pius Adesanmi

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Aisha Buhari tweets that the Minister of State, Health, was at the airport to formally welcome her son who returned home from medical treatment in Germany.

Back in the Villa, the Minister of Interior was also on hand to receive the young man. She gives a shout out to Kogi state Governor who, Allah be praised, did not declare a public holiday to welcome the young man.

How Nigeria has had only one Nobel Laureate in literature since 1986 is puzzling. So much material! What sort of fiction can you write to beat stuff like this?

Nota Bene:Obasanjo once fired a Yoruba Minister for allocating public housing to his (Obasanjo’s) family to curry favour with him.

How can you allocate houses to a serving President’s family members? Obasanjo screamed.

Chances are such an Obasanjo would have fired a Minister who abandoned his duty post to welcome Gbenga Obasanjo.

In another two years, Buhari may succeed in making Obasanjo look like Nelson Mandela…

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