Nigerian Men Sit Down on The Road To Drink Beer After Surviving Accident (Photos)

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A group of men sat down to crack a few cold beers after surviving a potentially fatal accident in Imo State, Nigeria

The incident took place today near Enerco Construction company in Okigwe area of Imo state.


There were no casualties.

According to reports, the truck suffered from brake failure and eventually fell into the river, but the driver and his conductor were able to make it out alive.


Thankful that they made it out alive, the men decided to sit in the middle of the deserted road and have some beer to calm the nerves and celebrate their spared lives.

Soon enough, more and more people joined in the celebration.


Not every story has a happy ending such as that as only a few days ago, a man was killed along with 13 members of his family as he went to attend his own wedding in Vietnam.

Vietnam is fraught with road accidents and is the biggest single cause of deaths.


This is due mostly to people hardly following traffic laws and road infrastructure is patchy, despite efforts to make the roads safer.


The WHO claims that about 14,000 lives are lost in road accidents in Vietnam every year.

You can check out photos of the men drinking beer below



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