E-Money, Kcee Pledge to Support Children of Late Nollywood Actor Junior Pope

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Nigerian singer Kcee and his brother, businessman Emeka Okonkwo, also known as E-Money, have stepped forward to support the family of the late Nollywood actor Junior Pope.

At Junior Pope’s funeral held on Friday in Ukehe, Nsukka, Enugu State, Kcee made a heartfelt pledge to the family. He expressed condolences and acknowledged Junior Pope’s impact on the entertainment industry.

“He is somebody that we will never forget in this generation,” Kcee said.

The emotional bond extended beyond the professional sphere. Kcee revealed that E-Money is the godfather of Junior Pope’s first son. This close friendship led the brothers to make a significant commitment.

“When the unfortunate incident happened, my brother said to me that we were going to take up responsibility for his three sons till they were grown,” Kcee shared.

Kcee emphasized that their support goes beyond financial assistance. They aim to provide for the children’s education,basic needs, and even holidays. Importantly, they want to honor Junior Pope’s desire for a secure future for his children.

“We are not doing it to show off but to honour our friend’s dying wish for a better life for his children,” Kcee stated.

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