ECOWAS must enhance leadership role in peace, security — Group

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ECOWAS member states must take leadership in coordinating efforts aimed at promoting political stability, peace and security in the sub-region, participants in a meeting of the sub-region say.

The suggestion is part of the recommendations in the Report of the meeting of the Peace, Security and Humanitarian Affairs Thematic Group presented at the ECOWAS Annual Development Partners’ Meeting in Abuja on Thursday.

The group is one of the five thematic groups of ECOWAS Annual Development Partners’ Meeting.

Ms Anne-Beatrice Bullinger, Charge d’Affaires, , Embassy of Switzerland, presented the report on behalf of the group.

The group convened to consider issues relating to improving the cooperation between the ECOWAS Commission and Development Partners in the peace, security and humanitarian affairs sector.

The group identified challenges to peace and security in the sub-region which included porosity of borders with neighbouring countries.

It suggested that it was necessary for member states to improve preventive measures, such as establishing early warning system, sensitisation efforts and promoting good and inclusive governance.

It also recommended that member states enhance information and intelligence sharing while considering challenges associated with legal frameworks for information sharing.

The group also urged member states to ensure speedy and full implementation of the on-going West Africa Police Information System.

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