Ed Sheeran Calls Out Artists Who Claim They Don’t Care About Success

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Ed Sheeran doesn’t believe his fellow pop stars when they say they aren’t interested in fame and fortune. In a recent interview on “Therapuss With Jake Shane,” the Grammy-winning singer argued that any artist who puts their music out there wants it to be heard and loved.

“I don’t believe any artist that says they don’t” care about success, Sheeran said. “You wouldn’t release music commercially or sign with a record label if you didn’t care what people think.”

According to Sheeran, the desire for connection and validation is what drives artists to perform and share their music.”We all want to be loved,” he explained. “That’s why we get on stage.”

He finds claims of indifference disingenuous. “It really pisses me off,” he said. “Everyone in the pop game definitely cares” about success.

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