Eddy Remedy Refutes Eedris Abdulkareem’s Claims, Sets the Record Straight on The Remedies’ Formation

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Veteran singer and former member of The Remedies, Eddy Remedy, has countered recent assertions made by his ex-bandmate, Eedris Abdulkareem, regarding the founding members of the now-disbanded musical group. In a podcast interview, Abdulkareem claimed that he and Eddy were the sole founders, reluctantly accepting Tony Tetuila into the group after an encounter at a show in Ilorin, Kwara State.

However, Eddy Remedy has now clarified the circumstances of The Remedies’ formation during a recent interview with Daddy Freeze. Contrary to Abdulkareem’s narrative, Eddy revealed that Tetuila was not introduced to the group in Ilorin but in his Lagos apartment by Abdulkareem himself.

Eddy Remedy

Eddy Remedy shed light on the introduction, stating, “That boy (Eedris Abdulkareem) is a greedy boy. He has always been greedy. I formed the group and invited him into the group. The day he was coming, he brought Tony [Tetuila]. I had never met Tony in my life. I just saw a guy limping behind him.

The veteran singer continued to narrate the incident, explaining that Eedris Abdulkareem failed to disclose to him that Tetuila’s parents had given money and entrusted him to take Tony wherever he was going. Eddy disclosed, “He didn’t tell me that. The rumours first started when we were on tour that Tony’s parents were sponsoring the group. No, they were not sponsoring the group. I had $5,000 that my parents sent to me from America in 1997.

Eddy Remedy revealed that he used the money to sponsor the group during that period, debunking the age-old rumor that Tony Tetuila’s parents had financially supported The Remedies.

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