‘It’s important to the future of civilization’ – Elon Musk explains Twitter acquisition

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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has explained that his 2022 acquisition of social media company, Twitter was to safeguard the future of civilization.

Musk, 51, completed the $44 billion acquisition of the company on October 27 and took it private, after an initial agreement on April 25, 2022.

Following Musk’s takeover, Twitter has been criticized for a perceived increase in hate speech and prioritization of right-wing content.

In a video conference to the World Government Summit 2023 holding in Dubai, the billionaire explained that he was worried about the effect of social media, especially Twitter, on the world.

He said he felt there was a need for a maximally trusted digital public square such as Twitter where people can interact with the least amount of censorship allowed by law.

Musk said he felt that social media companies should respect the laws of countries but equally important not to go beyond this as being done by some big tech companies.

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