Embracing the Afrobeats Vibe: Top 10 American-Afrobeats Collaborations

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In recent times, it’s become a trend for Western music stars to embrace the captivating rhythms of Afrobeats, immersing themselves in the wave of “Afrobeats to the world.” American artists have been seizing the opportunity to collaborate with Nigerian and African musicians at large in the vibrant Afrobeats realm, often making their mark through features on original tracks or remixes. However, this isn’t a new trend; American artists started collaborating with Afrobeats artists back in 2011/2012, notably when Akon became the international star every Nigerian artist sought to feature on their major hit songs.

Let’s delve into the top 10 American artists who ventured into the Afrobeat world, leaving an indelible mark with their impeccable performances.

1. Akon and Psquare — “Chop My Money”
Even before artists like Chris Brown embraced the Afrobeats swag, Akon reigned supreme in the Nigerian music industry. Psquare’s “Chop My Money” featuring May D became a massive hit, and they elevated it further with a remix featuring Akon. This track remains one of the best songs to emerge from the Nigerian music landscape.

2. Rick Ross and Psquare — “Beautiful Onyinye”
Psquare set the pace for featuring international stars on their songs, whether in remixes or original tracks. Rick Ross’s presence on “Beautiful Onyinye” undoubtedly propelled the song’s popularity, making the remix an even more favored version.

3. Davido and Chris Brown — “Blow My Mind”
The magical collaboration between Davido and Chris Brown in “Blow My Mind,” released in 2017, captivated audiences. Chris Brown’s iconic appearances in Nigerian music, alongside artists like Davido and Wizkid, have left an indelible mark.

4. Drake and Wizkid — “Come Closer”
Following Wizkid’s success in “One Dance” where he was featured by Drake alongside Kyla Miles, Wizkid featured Drake on “Come Closer,” a track from his “Sounds From The Other Side” album. This collaboration showcased the versatile range of the artists, sparking debates about their performances.

5. Snoop Dogg and D’banj — “Endowed”
During the “Mr Endowed” era, Dbanj featured Snoop Dogg on the remix of the track. While this might be Snoop’s only appearance on an Afrobeats song, it stands as an iconic moment in the Nigerian music scene.

6. Ed Sheeran and Fireboy — “Peru Remix”
The demand for a remix of Fireboy’s “Peru” led to Ed Sheeran being featured on the track. The remix, as beautiful as the original, was elevated by Ed Sheeran’s flawless delivery, including his adept use of Yoruba.

7. Camilla Cabelo and Oxlade — “Ku Lo Sa Remix”
“Ku Lo Sa” became an international hit, prompting Oxlade to seek a feature to break into the international market. Featuring Latin sensation Camilla Cabelo on the remix was a strategic move, even if it didn’t gather as much momentum as the original.

8. Selena Gomez and Rema — “Calm Down”
“Calm Down” broke barriers with its remix featuring Selena Gomez, achieving widespread acclaim. Recently, Rema’s “Calm Down” with Selena Gomez won the Best Afrobeats Award at the 2023 MTV VMAs.

9. Brandy and Tiwa Savage — “Somebody’s Son”
Becoming a national anthem after the release of Tiwa Savage’s EP, “Water & Garri,” “Somebody’s Son” showcased American soul star Brandy. Their collaboration eloquently conveyed their desire for love and the hope of finding “somebody’s son” one day.

10. Jorja Smith and Burna Boy — “Gum Body”
From Burna Boy’s album “African Giant” Jorja Smith’s melodious delivery in “Gum Body” added a unique flavor. Though not widely known to every Nigerian music lover, this song stands as a compelling blend of Afrobeats and RnB.

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