“Emir of Muri calling for genocide against Fulani people; we’ll seek his removal” – Miyetti Allah

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Bodejo, leader of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore

National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Abdullahi Bello Bodejo, says the group will push for the removal of the Emir of Muri in Taraba State, Abbas Tafida for allegedly instigating genocide against Fulani people.

Bodejo stated this while reacting to Tafida’s 30-day ultimatum for killer herdsmen to vacate the forests under his domain or be forced out.

His ultimatum issued on July 21 followed a rising spate of kidnappings, killings, and attacks in the state by criminals suspected to be herders.

The Emir alleged that Fulani herders were responsible for perpetrating crimes in the state and should therefore vacate forests in the state within 30 days or be forced out.

Reacting, Bodejo said that Tafida is not a real Fulani and his quit notice would not be obeyed.

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“That Emir of Muri should be taken to a psychiatric hospital. From the way he is talking, there is no doubt that he requires a psychiatric examination.

“He claims to be a Fulani, but there is no right-thinking Fulani who can issue such a threat to his people. How can he give such an ultimatum?

“He is not a law enforcement agent or a security agent. He is just an ordinary emir, who is not fully recognised by the Fulani.

“If you observe, you hardly see him in any Fulani activity or programme in Nigeria because the Fulani do not recognise him. Maybe he has a problem in his palace and so started issuing threats to those he perceived were not loyal to him.

“Where is he asking them to go? Taraba State is for everyone, so he doesn’t have the power to evict our people from where they are doing their business or trade,” Satuday Sun quoted Bodejo as saying.

Asked what the group would do at the expiration of the ultimatum, Bodejo said, “We don’t recognise him and his authority, and since we don’t recognise him, we can’t obey his directives.

“Before the expiration of the ultimatum, we are going to write the Governor of Taraba State to remove him as an emir. We are going to write all the Fulani in Nigeria and beyond not to recognise him as an emir because he is calling for a genocide against the Fulani people in his area.

“Who is he to call for the killing of our people? He is a non-Fulani. How can you claim to be a Fulani and you are calling for genocide against your people?

“Even my friend and brother, Samuel Ortom, Benue State governor, has not called for the killing of Fulani, but he is trying to find solutions to his own problem. He is a Tiv, but he is not calling for genocide against the Fulani.

“I’m calling on all Fulani in Muri to continue with their activities. Taraba is my state of origin, and I’m calling on the governor to quickly dethrone this emir before he caused bloodbath in the state. He doesn’t deserve to be an emir.

“A person who is pan Nigerian should take over from him. We are also calling on the Inspector General of Police and the DSS to invite him to explain what he meant by his people to kill Fulani. He gave them one month to do what? Is it only Fulani who are committing crime? Go and find out the arrest of criminals by IGP IRT headed by Abba Kyari. About 70 per cent of them are not Fulani.

“I don’t know why the emir will go to this extent, or he has agenda against the Fulani? Has he prepared any state or country to take these Fulani to? Nobody can go anywhere.

“Before he was born, Fulani were rearing cows in Jalingo; before the creation of Taraba State, Fulani were doing their activities there. If he doesn’t know, let him ask for the history. How old is he? He may be in his mid 70s or if he is up to 85 years, then old age sickness has taken over and that may be the reason he is talking like that.”

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