Erica Nlewedim Calls Out Men Boasting About High Body Counts

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Big Brother Naija reality show star and actress, Erica Nlewedim, has sparked a conversation about double standards in society, particularly regarding attitudes towards men and women with high body counts.

Erica Nlewedim

Taking to her X (formerly Twitter) handle, Erica expressed her amusement at men who proudly boast about their extensive sexual histories while simultaneously shaming women for similar experiences. She questioned the societal acceptance of men treating a high body count as a “thing of pride” and how this might affect their chances of finding spouses.

It’s so funny how men are actually boasting about having a high body count like it’s a thing of pride. Who will marry you? And you also have the guts to shame women,” Erica wrote.

A fan engaged in the discussion, suggesting that men and women can’t be viewed with the same lens when it comes to sexual histories due to biological differences. The fan used the analogy of “key and padlock,” stating that while a man can impregnate multiple women simultaneously, a woman can only get pregnant once at a time.

Erica Nlewedim

Responding to the fan’s comment, Erica challenged the idea, emphasizing the importance of responsible behavior for both genders. She playfully highlighted the potential consequences of promiscuity, stating, “Isn’t this why y’all shouldn’t be so easy? Just imagine having 12 kids cos 12 girls said hi.

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