Erica Nlewedim Reveals the Secret to Staying One Step Ahead of Scammers

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Earlier today, Erica Nlewedim, a famous Big Brother Naija (BBN) star, took to Twitter to warn her fans about a scammer impersonating her and soliciting money from unsuspecting people.

Erica Nlewedim

Erica posted a screenshot of the scammer, who had messaged one of her followers asking for financial assistance, pretending to be Erica and claiming to have bank issues.

Erica Warns Fans About Scammers

The BBN star was quick to expose the scammer and shared the private chat on Twitter, urging her fans to join her in confronting the fraudster. She wrote, “Let’s call this scammer and let him/her know we know.

Shortly after the initial post, Erica revealed that the scammer had gone as far as mimicking her voice to carry out the scam. She warned her fans to be vigilant and not to fall for such schemes and further advised that the only way to identify a scammer is if they ask for money. She emphasized that no one should give money to strangers, especially those who are unverified or whose identities cannot be confirmed.

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