Erica Responds to Troll Who Mockingly Uses Her Latest Media as Content

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Following the beautiful spams of Nigerian actresses and content creators who were invited for the movie premiere of the soon to be released Netflix series, Queen Charlotte, Erica Nlewedim’s outfit seems to be the most raving of all.

While it does not suggest medieval royalty as the theme supposedly implies, Erica’s pink feathered dress has caused an uproar on the internet.

The outfit styled by Moses Ebite stands as a controversial dress idea and a Twitter fan by name DrPenKing has used the uploaded media of the disqualified BBN star as content.

He said “Mummy this is Erica , the woman I want to marry. Reply like a Nigerian mother

A befuddled Erica quoted this tweet and lashed at him, stating that he could never be able to dream of marrying her, tagging him a razz fello.

She said “Why bother? Even if you dream the rest of your life you can never marry me no need to tell your followers to imagine your mummy’s reaction. Now run along razzie

See some stunning Nigerian actors outfits below —

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