Evicted BBNaija ‘All Stars’ Housemate Princess Onyejekwe Reveals Her Only Disappointment After Her Eviction

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In a candid revelation that has turned heads, Princess Onyejekwe, an evicted contestant from the ‘All Stars’ edition of the popular reality show BBNaija, has unveiled that she doesn’t feel a sense of loss over missing out on the show. The BBNaija All Stars edition promised a grand prize of N120 million, but Princess appears undeterred, expressing her belief that she can amass wealth through alternative avenues.


Princess, who made her exit from the Big Brother house during the initial round of eviction, appeared resolute in her conviction that there is nothing she missed out on within the house that she can’t attain outside its confines. The reality TV star emphasized her readiness to explore other paths to success as she embarks on her journey beyond the show.

During a recent appearance on Cool FM radio, Princess addressed her experience in the house and her subsequent exit. The anchor broached the subject of the Saturday night parties, a signature element of the BBNaija experience, and inquired whether she missed them after leaving the show. With an air of sophistication, Princess responded by highlighting her global adventures, asserting that she has enjoyed parties in various exotic locations around the world.

Elaborating further, Princess took the opportunity to mention some of the remarkable places she has had the privilege to party in, including the iconic cities of Paris and Ibiza. Her confident assertion conveyed that her life had been enriched with experiences far beyond the confines of the BBNaija house.

Despite her worldly escapades, Princess admitted to harboring a sense of disappointment for not being able to compete for the coveted 120 million Naira grand prize. Nevertheless, she remains pragmatic and undeterred, expressing her belief that the path to financial success and fulfillment encompasses more than a single avenue.

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