Ex-California Student Who Impregnanted His Teacher Gets $6million Settlement

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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Former Citrus Valley High teacher Laura Whitehurt

An ex-California student has been awarded the sum of $6 million in settlement which makes his case the largest sex abuse settlement ever from a public agency.

The former student of Citrus Valley High School in Redlands, California was 16 when he impregnated his teacher who was accused of sexually exploiting the underage teenager.

The judgement was delivered three years after the incident which had led to the arrest of his former teacher and lover, Laura Whitehurst occurred.

According to the beneficiary of the settlement, he felt manipulated and used by his former teacher, Laura, while he was in school. The ex-student further revealed that he started having sex with his former teacher at the age of 16 which led to a pregnancy that was birthed in June 2013.

The teacher, Whitehurst, was charged with a 41 count charge bordering on sexual assault on the student and two others. The 29 year old former AP English teacher has since been registered as a sex offender.

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