“I am extremely impressed by what Amaechi is doing” – Buhari

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Former military head of state, General Muhammed Buhari has commended the Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi over his development strides in his state. Buhari made the remarks during a visit by a contingent of All Progressives Congress leaders to Rivers State to woo Mr. Amaechi.

After the inspection of projects at Elekahia, Gen. Buhari said: “What I have seen, though briefly, is what you can give to the people – education. They will look after themselves and will also be able to look after their country. I am extremely impressed by what Governor Amaechi is doing.”

Also speaking on the projects, Tinubu said: “Fantastic (projects). Putting people at the cornerstone of his (Amaechi’s) developmental policy is what the goal of democratic government and good governance is all about. It is demonstrated clearly here. It is very impressive.

“The MDG goal, the primary education, the primary health and the staffing. Preparing the children for the challenges of the future. There is nothing in good governance, but that.”

Amaechi had addressed the victimization meted out to his supporters by the Nigerian Police earlier when he went to receive the APC leaders at the airport.

Amaechi said,  “I flew in and wanted to go and change (dresses) to receive my visitors. I got to the gate (of the airport) and I was told that the policemen did not allow my supporters into the airport. I said an ordinary minister of state, who was my chief of staff (Chief Nyesom Wike), would gather people at Eleme (Rivers State on Sunday) with police protection, while a former head of state, with some governors arriving and police will not allow the people in; what type of country is that?

“Somebody said the police had become the military wing of the PDP. That is not the only truth. The other truth is that we are running a military government. I led the people. I had to march them into the airport. That’s how we got here (VIP Lounge). I trekked from the gate to this place (VIP Lounge).

“For any breakdown of law and order in Rivers State, police should be held accountable. If they had allowed the people to come in, they would have been orderly. They were here (at the airport) for the purpose of receiving the guests.

“The last time we were here (airport) to receive the President (Dr. Goodluck Jonathan), Nyesom Wike and his group mobilised people that booed me. If we had mobilised people, there would have been crisis.

“I quietly walked in; let them boo me and I went to receive the President. By the same way they were allowed to get to the airport, blocked all the roads, and in the same way, they should have allowed the people to come in to receive the guests. Buhari is a former President. Bola Tinubu is a former governor and there are other governors that are coming.”

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