Famous Food Blogger, Hilda Bacci Faces Heat for Promoting Dog Meat

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Nigerian food blogger and record breaker, Hilda Baci, has found herself embroiled in controversy on social media after posting a video featuring freshly cooked dog meat. Hilda, who gained popularity for her remarkable feat of completing 100 hours of non-stop cooking, aimed at breaking the record for the longest cooking time by an individual, has faced backlash for her recent video showcasing various delicacies from her native Akwa-Ibom state, including dog meat.

Hilda Bacci and Enioluwa

In the video, Hilda is seen alongside popular influencer Enioluwa, who expresses hesitation at tasting dog meat for the first time. However, Hilda attempts to persuade and even force-feed him the controversial delicacy.

This short clip has ignited a wave of mixed reactions on the internet, with many expressing their disappointment and disapproval of the renowned chef for promoting the consumption of dog meat. Concerned individuals have advised Hilda to delete the video as it could potentially have a negative impact on her brand.

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