Mamman Daura’s Daughter: My Father not matchmaking New Wife for President Buhari – Fatima Daura

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Mamman Daura’s Daughter, Fatima has debunked claims of her father being the mastermind encouraging President Buhari to marry a second wife.

Mamman Daura, who is Buhari’s Uncle is allegedly the head of the Northern cabal responsible for making vital decisions in the Buhari-led administration.

According to Reports, Mamma Daura is allegedly responsible for the proposed marriage between President Buhari and Sadia Umar Farouq l, the current Minister of Humanitarian affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

However, Fatima has debunked the claims while speaking with BBC Hausa Service which was monitored by TheCable. She said her father and President Buhari believe in one man-one wife legacy.

Recall Aisha Buhari has insinuated that Cabals were the driving force behind the wheels of her husband’s administration in an explosive interview with the BBC in 2016.

Fatima denied this allegation that her father is a shy person who mostly keeps to himself and does not interfere in matters that are of no concern to him.

In Fatima’s words,

“Wallahi, it is not like that. You guys are journalists, you can investigate and see how our father is. He is a shy fellow, doesn’t talk a lot and hardly cares about other people’s businesses. Even we as his children, he doesn’t impose things on us,” she told the BBC.

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“You know the president can seek his advice but he is not the kind of fellow that will impose or insist on something. He can simply advise and stay away at home minding his business. He hardly speaks, he is 80 years old. When you talk to him about the allegations, he says you should not bother yourselves, that God is clearing his sins by such false accusations. If you are reasonable, you will see that the powers being allotted to our father by his accusers are wrong. It is only God that has such powers. It doesn’t make sense.”

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